Why Dezhou University?

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Professional teaching team: All the courses are conducted by professional and experienced teachers.
Full support and guidance: We provide support to students through the entire process of getting DZU, from application to enrollment, onto graduation and daily life.
Student centered: DZU does not only focus on satisfying one area of a student’s needs but also deliver academically sound courses and all of the facilities you need for a well-rounded lifestyle.
Central location and convenient transportation: Dezhou is near Beijing, Tianjin and Jinan with convenient transportation. From Dezhou to Beijing, it only takes 3 hours by train, 4 hours to Shanghai, 2 hours to Tianjin and 1 hour to Jinan, the capital of Shandong province. It enjoys a quiet environment and has excellent access to all air, road and rail travel networks so it is easy to travel to and around.
Good standard of living: DZU is near all of the shops, bars, restaurants and forms of entertainment you would expect with reasonable expenses.

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